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We are a full service immigration and nationality law firm and can help you with any of your immigration matters. Following is a list of the most common matters that we deal with. It does not contain every possibility, so if your case doesn't seem to fit any of these categories give us a call (312.644.8000) or email (info@gostynska.com) and we'll let you know what can be done.


  • Naturalization
  • Deportation
  • Appeals of CIS decisions
  • Inquiries into pending matters
  • IRCA and I-9 Compliance for U.S. employers
  • Diversity Visa program ("Green Card Lottery")
  • Consular Representation
  • Consultation on immigration aspects of criminal defense

Temporary Visas

  • B: visitors visa for business (B-1) or pleasure or medical treatment (B-2)
  • E: "Treaty Trader" and "Treaty Investor" visas
  • F, M: full-time students
  • H-1B: professional workers
  • J, Q: exchange visitors
  • K: fiancee
  • L: intracompany transfers
  • O: extraordinary ability workers
  • P: artists, athletes, and entertainers
  • R: religious workers

Permanent Residency ("Green Card")

Home Services FAQs po Polsku 
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