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About Us

Gostynska Frakt, Ltd. is an Professional Law Corporation specializing in all aspects of immigration and nationality law. Our attorneys and staff are fluent in English, Polish and French. Translators are available for other languages when required.

Our lead attorney, and the founder of the firm, is Agata Gostynska Frakt. Ms. Gostynska Frakt is an honors graduate of the top 20 ranked University of Minnesota Law School. She worked at some of the premier immigration law firms in Minneapolis and Chicago before founding this firm in 1998. She is a well respected member of the Chicago immigration bar, due to her service with the local chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association and the Immigration Chapter of the Chicago Bar Association and she is a nationally known expert on the immigration provisions of the Violence Against Women Act. Locally she is known for her appearances as an expert commentator on all of the Chicago area Polish language radio stations and her monthly column in the Polish language newspaper Monitor.

Contact Us

phone:(312) 644-8000
fax:(312) 644-9655

Main Office address
79 W. Monroe St., Suite 1115
Chicago, IL 60603
Lawrence Office address
5338 W. Lawrence Ave., Suite 206
(dial #20)
Chicago, IL 60630

Please use our Main office (79 W. Monroe St.) address for all correspondence. Due to our busy court and hearing schedule, we can only meet with clients by appointment.

Home Services FAQs po Polsku 
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