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Diversity Visa (Green Card Lottery, Visa Lottery)

The Diversity Visa program is the official name for what is commonly known as the Green Card Lottery or Visa Lottery. The program was developed to increase the diversity of immigrants to the United States by allowing residents of underrepresented countries to apply for a lottery of permanent resident immigrant visas. Each year 55,000 visas are given away by random selection through a lottery.

The U.S. State Department announced the regulations for the 2002 Diversity Visa program on July 31, 2000. They have made available a press release that provides considerable information on the program and instructions on applying.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2002 Diversity Visa program. DO NOT SEND IN AN APPLICATION. We will post information on the 2003 program when the State Department makes it available. This will probably happen in around July or August of 2001.

One quirk of the DV program is that there is no official form, the applicant is responsible for getting the information into the correct format on his or her own. The State Department does supply a sample form, but it has some weaknesses. Gostynska Frakt, Ltd., created an Application Form for the 2002 Diversity Visa that addresses these weaknesses. We are making this form available for free download.

For best results when printing our form, try to print with the "Fit to Page" option not checked in printer dialog box. There is no obligation for using our form, but we would appreciate it if you'd let us know at dvform@gostynska.com (or any of our other addresses) if you use it to apply and are successful.

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